Miklr Marketing PlatformMiklr allows you to promote your business online with maximum impact and minimum hassle. It allows anyone to create professional campaigns, month after month, with optimized multi-channel and cross-channel strategy.

As you know, your future clients are “multi-device” today. As they switch from their phones, to their tablets and PCs during the day, you must reach, nurture and convert them through a consistent presence in your market segment searches, social interactions, and inboxes. When you input your website and competitors to Miklr, the system scans and “understands” your digital ecosystem so it can suggest the most efficient strategy for your online business promotion. Until now, doing so was time-consuming, complicated and costly. To be done right, it meant hiring experts or agencies, getting expensive tools and having a second full time job or let your competitors beat you.

With Miklr’s built in real-time Marketing Intelligence and scalable marketing experts
in the Crowd anyone can now automate the whole marketing process in a scientific, simple and fun way.